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  We Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of soil Testing Equipments. Our Range includes Pore Pressure Apparatus, Unconfined Compression Test, Permeability Piston Sampler, Dames And Moore Sampler, Extractor Frame Universal, Extractor Frame Hydraulic, Sampling Tubes, Direct Shear Apparatus, Consolidation Apparatus, Rapid Moisture Meter etc
  Pore Pressure Apparatus    
  Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Pore Pressure Apparatus. Pore Pressure Apparatus is used for measuring pore water pressure and pore air pressure in soils. This is as per the principals outlined in the book "Measurement of soil properties in triaxial tests" by A.W.Bishop and D.J.Henkel. This is used as a naccessory for triaxial test apparatus. We offer pore pressure Apparatus To customers at a very competitive prices.

  Permeability Apparatus    
  We manufacturer a highly efficient Permeability Apparatus for our Customers. We manufacture Permeability Apparatus As per the set industry standard as well as design and specification of our customers. Permeability Apparatus is generally use by many industry to fulfill their multiple purpose.

  Piston Sampler    
  We at Testing Equipments in india are the leading manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of pistone Sampler. Piston sampler is designed for taking undisturbed samples in low strength fine soils, such as silt and soft to stiff clays. We Manufacture piston sampler using high grade raw material which we procure from our trusted suppliers.

  Dames And Moore Sampler    
  We offer to our customers a superior quality Dames And Moore Sampler. Dames And Moore Sampler communally Use for sampling soils. The sample collects into rings inside the sampler. These rings along with the specimen can be directly placed in a consolidometer cell assembly, thereby reducting the number of operations to extract the sample from a sampler, trimming to size and transferring into the ring etc. The possible disturbance in these operations is eliminated.

  Extractor Frame Universal
  We are leading manufacturer, Supplier & Exoorter of Extractor Frame Unive rsal. We manufacturer Universal extractor frame as well as Hydraulic Extractor Frame. Extractor Frame Universal Manufactured by us is designed to extract specimens from almost every type of sampling tube and mould used in solid engineering laboratory or in the field. Extractor Frame Universal can be mounted vertically or horizontally as desired.

  Extractor Frame Hydraulic    
  We offer to our client spreading to all over the world a superior quality Extractor Frame Hydraulic. Extractor Frame Hydraulic is used for taking ut soil samples compacted or undisturbed, from 100 mm dia and 150 mm dia cylinders such as core cutters, proctor moulds, c. B. R. Moulds etc.

  Sampling Tubes    
  Sampling Tubes manufactured by us for For collecting undisturbed samples of 38mm diameter for Triaxial Shear strength and Unconfined Compressive strength either straight from the field or from a sample of larger diameter. Interested People can have sampling tubes manufactured by us at very competitive prices.

  Direct Shear Apparatus    
  We manufacturer Direct Shear Apparatus as per the IS: 2720 (Part XIII). Due its Efficiency it is highly appreciated and demanded by our customers. Direct shear apparatus is available in 3 variants such as hand operated, motorized with single speed and motorized with 12 speeds. The apparatus comprises fixtures for proving ring and brackets for holding consolidation and strain dial gauges.

  Consolidation Apparatus    
  Consolidation Apparatus considered as a very important soil testing equipments. Consolidation test is uni-dimensional test considered extremely important in soil mechanics. Sample taken from adjacent areas of a single site show differential settlement even when tested using same techniques. Soil of similar strength may show varying consolidation. With the help of our manufacturing unit we can Manufacture any number of Consolidation apparatus as per the requirement of our client.

  Rapid Moisture Meter    
  Like other soil testing equipments we also a leading manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Rapid Moisture Meter. The Rapid Moisture Meters offered by us are renowned in the international markets for their advanced and efficient features. Rapid Moisture Meter Generally use to calculate Moisture content available in soil.

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