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  We Manufacturer, Supplier & exporter of Cement Sampler, Cement Sampler, Shrinkage Bar Mould, Cube Mould, Le Chatelier Mould, Blain Air Permeability Apparatus, Kelley Ball Penetration Apparatus, Gillmore Needle Apparatus, Le Chatelier Flask, Flow Table, Vicat Needle Apparatus, Cement Autoclave, Length Comparator
  Flow Table    
  We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Flow table. The consistency and workability of concrete is a very important factor and is strictly connected to the water/cement ratio, to the effect of admixtures and finally to the strength and quality of concrete. Flow table apparatus is used for determining the workability of building limes. The flow table consists of a 30cm. dia ground and polished steel plate with three inscribed annular circles. 7, 11 and 19cm. dia. The table top is arranged for a free fall of 12.5mm by a cam action.

  Jolting Apparatus    
  Being quality Driven Company our main motto is to provide quality products to our Customers. We at Testing Equipments in india Offer to our customers a superior quality Jolting apparatus. Jolting Apparatus is meant for making standard rectangular specimens 40 x 40 x 160 mm of portland and pozzolana cement mortar for determining the transverse strength.

  Vicat Needle Apparatus    
  We manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Vicat Needle Apparatus From india. Vicat Needle Apparatus Used to determine the amount of water required to produce a cement paste of standard consistency and the setting time. The time it takes for a cement to stiffen to a standard value after addition of water is commonly known as the set time. The test involves mixing cement with water and then measuring its resistance to penetration of a standard probe at varying intervals of time, until a certain value is reached.

  Cement Autoclave    
  We manufacture a wide range of Cement Testing Equipments and offer it to our customer at a very Competitive prices. Cement Autoclave manufactured by us is suitable for conducting accelerated soundness tests on cements or the autoclave expansion test requiring constant steam pressure with the correspondent. We manufacture Cement Testing equipments as per the set industry Standards.

  Length Comparator    
  With the help of our manufacturing unit we are to cater the need of our customers for our products. We manufacture and Supply a highly efficient length Comparator which is used to measure the drying shrinkage of concrete autoclave expansion of Portland cement and potential expansive reactivity of cement aggregate combinations in mortar bars during storage, on self-drying.

  Cement Mortar Permeability Apparatus
  We manufacturer, Exporter and supplier of Cement Mortar Permeability Apparatus from india. Cement Mortar Permeability Apparatus is used for water proofing of concrete, admixture and special water proof cements. Water proofing of these compounds, is established by measuring permeability of standard mortar by Pozzolana Cement Mortar Permeability Apparatus.

  Standard Spatula    
  The Main use of Standard Spatula casting a cement briquette. The standard spatula consists of a steel blade, of a special shape. A wooden handle is fixed to the stem of blade. The weight does not exceed 340 gms. We offer a wide range of Standard Spatula to our customers.

  Vibrating Machine    
  We are manufacturer & Suppliers of Hand Vane Tester. Complete with 19mm vane, range 0 to 120 kpa, 33mm vane, range 0 to 28 kpa, Spanners and carrying case. Accessories : Extra rod 3Orlmm long, Extra rod 1000 mm long.

  Prism Mould    
  We manufacture, Supplier & Exporter of Vibrating machine from india. Vibrating Machine Manufactured by us is used for compacting concrete cubes and cylinders. Our Vibrating Table is chiefly used for compacting concrete cubes and cylinders. We also provide Vibrating Tables of table top size 75 cm x 75 cm as well as 100 cm x100 cm on special demands to our prestigious clients. We also customized vibrating machine as per the specification and design of our customers.

  Flexure Testing Machine    
  We offer to our Customers a superior quality of Prism Mould to our Customers. We manufacture Prism Mould complete with base. All parts are marked with the dentification number for correct assembly. Each mould is individually verified in the dimensional tolerances, hardness, squareness, flatness & roughness.

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